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Rick & Becky Escobar

Riesel, Texas

For more than thirty years, we have raised cattle and since 2007 have offered grassfed beef to our customers. We raise all natural, grassfed beef for families throughout Texas.  Our cattle are bred, born, and finished exclusively right here on our Central Texas ranch. We do not feed grain or grain-based supplements.  

We manage our beef according to all natural production practices which means no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Our herd is not certified-organic but we take great pride in raising our cattle humanely on the open pasture where they were born. We welcome visitors to the ranch and can show you where and how our cows are raised as well as explain to you clearly and factually the science of grassfed beef. 

Contact us to plan your visit.

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Our grassfed beef is available each spring/early summer by the calf, side, and quarter. We also offer vacuum-sealed, select cuts by the pound, e.g. ground beef, stew meat, chili meat, and cutlets. For planning purposes, it generally takes a side of beef to feed a family of four for the year. 

We harvest when our calves are 14 to 20 months old, and our beef is processed at the Westphalia Market in Westphalia, Texas--one of the best processors in our great state. There, the beef is dry-aged and custom-cut per order and is available in single, double-wrapped, or vacuum-sealed packaging. All orders will be frozen prior to pick-up/delivery.   

When you give us a call to reserve your beef, we will send you our River Valley CUSTOM CUT-SHEET--which lets you, for example, choose the thickness of your steaks, the fat content of your ground beef, and the size of your roasts. Over the years, we have helped many families, large and small, with individual taste preferences and dietary needs maximize their beef order by working with them to make the best choices and selections.

We deeply value our customer families and take great pride in offering flavorful and healthy beef at a reasonable price. We consider feeding your family no different than feeding our own. Orders may be picked up directly from the Westphalia Market.  We offer delivery to the Waco and Bryan/College Station areas.  



At the end of March, we will contact customers by email with detailed information about this year's harvest and clear instructions about making a beef order.  We will be available to help customers optimize their order with the cuts best suited to their taste and diet needs on their CUSTOM CUT-SHEET.  

Please be sure that you have sent us your name and contact information, using our form below, so that we know to send you information about the 2020 harvest.  

This year, starting May 1, we anticipate offering briskets (by the half) in addition to the roasts and other cuts we offer by the  pound.  



Tended with Care

Never Confined

No Hormones, Steroids, or Antibiotics 

Bred, Born, and Finished on Our Pastures

Harvested Humanely

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We sell beef by the calf, side, quarter. 

  • Sides, which are comprised of both a forequarter and hindquarter, weigh between 200 and 300 pounds and cost $3.25/lb plus processing.

  • The forequarter, which includes rib-eye steaks, chuck roasts, and a brisket, costs $3.25/lb plus processing.  

  • The hindquarter, which includes the tenderloin, rump roast, and cutlets, costs $3.50/lb plus processing.

  • Please access our CUSTOM CUT-SHEET to begin reviewing the many choices available to you--whether you purchase a side or quarter. And we are ready to assist you in making the best selections for your beef order.  


For example:

A 250-pound side at $3.25/lb equals $812.50.

That 250 pound side processed by Westphalia Meat Market at .65/lb and wrapped in vacuum-sealed packaging equals $162.50.

The Westphalia Market butcher fee (per side) is $30.

Grand Total: $1005​


We also sell beef by the individual cut. 

  • Ground Beef (90% lean): $5.50/lb

  • Chili meat: $5.50/lb

  • Cutlets: $6.25/lb

  • Lean Stew Meat: $6.25/lb

  • Tenderized Round Steak: $7.00/lb

  • Shoulder Roast: $7.00/lb

  • Rump Roast: $7.50/lb

  • Sirloin Tip Roast: $7.25/lb

  • Chuck Roast: $7.00/lb

River Valley Grassfed Beef is processed exclusively by Westphalia Meat Market, where sides and quarters can be picked up. We also deliver to Waco and Bryan/College Station areas.  

Westphalia Market

734 State Highway 320

Lott, Texas 76656

Individuals cuts can be picked up at the ranch.

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Family Tours Available

We invite you to come see where your beef is raised. Please contact us to schedule your visit.

We eat what we grow, enjoy sharing the bounty of our garden with friends and neighbors, and embrace the simplicity and beauty of life on a working farm. 



We have nurtured and built the cattle operation of River Valley Grassfed Beef with integrity, hard work, expertise, and gratitude since 2007. 

Do you have questions, comments, or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Our kind regards,

Rick & Becky Escobar


940 County Road 105

Riesel, Texas 76682


940 County Road 105
Riesel, Texas 76682

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